Social Care

Why Choose Leverton Rose Recruitment Social Care Division

Over 15 Years' Experience

Leverton Rose Recruitment Social Care Division has over 15 years’ experience of working in the Public and Private Sectors.

Fully Compliant

Our Compliance Team ensure each member of staff is DBS checked, fully referenced and holds the relevant qualifications and experience for the role they are undertaking.  This is a minimum criterion for all temporary, contract, interim and permanent candidates.

Case Study​

The Local Authority Adult Residential Homes and Day Care Centres were working with multiple agencies across the City.  This highlighted many areas of concern especially managing compliance of all candidates, when it was highlighted there were immigrants working without Visa’s which was only picked up when they wanted to offer them permanent employment!  Not ours I hasten to add.  Through our extensive experience in this area of recruitment we suggested that the homes across the local authority should put together a Service Level Agreement with preferential rates and agree to work with no more than 3 recruitment agencies on Tier One if they could not fill the vacancies then the homes could go out to the 3 on Tier 2.  The local authority therefore reduced its agencies from 30 plus, lots of ringing around, gained preferential rates so much greater cost savings and a more structured invoicing process, all bringing about savings both financially and in their time.

We Have What You Are Looking For

Adult, Children, and Young People we can support you with Care Assistants, Support Workers, Social Workers and Practitioners, as well as admin support, and management roles.

Peace of Mind

We understand the demands of your organisation and getting the right people working with you. We provide this service at such a level to give you the peace of mind knowing you can focus on your job and we are doing ours to meet your standards.

For more information, contact us using the form below or alternatively see our client vancancy and candidate cv submission.

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